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History - History of the Lübeck Association The Lübeck Association
The Lübeck Association was founded in 1979 by Jim Shaw, who acted as it's President for the first 25 years. Over those nearly 25 years Jim nurtured, promoted, and sustained the organization from it's humble beginnings (our first reunion had fourteen attendees), until 2003. During that time the organization grew in size, had another ten national reunions, published countless newsletters, and created a website.

The Association is currently made up of some 225+ active members, and almost 30 associate members (widows, relatives, and friends). We also have an Honor Roll of 128 members who are deceased, but still very much in our hearts.

Our "mission" while in Lübeck was to keep an eye (and ear) on our friends in the East, while fully embedding ourselves in the culture and way of life of that fair city. We lived "on the economy," without the usual Army amenities, which of course caused us to fully enjoy the local people and history of that part of Northern Europe. Lübeck was considered the "best duty station" in all of the Army (ours or anybody else's), a statement that can still be verified by any of our membership.

It is estimated that there are approximately 200 "Lost Lübeckers" still out there in the "hinterland" somewhere. If you know of their whereabouts, please contact our current President Jim Miller at jimrisk@cox.net.

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