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Old Guestbook ending Mar 2000

Gary Walker - 09/09/00 17:59:34
My Email:walkersensei@hotmail.com
When were you in Lübeck?: '59-'61
What did you do while off duty?: Dated Scandinavia
Who were your best buddies?: Mike Arnold, Karl Rautenkraus, Arnold Pitzl, Doug Card, and many more

Came in on the same train with MSgt Agnew. I was the one who drove over to Koss and Wilder's apartment to retrieve the movie they failed to return the night before. Played those Hamburg basketball games with the likes of Janicki, who would usually get the ball for us (if we were rarely behind) with a solid cross-body block. As a bb player, he was a great right tackle. Going to the Boesenbuben Ball as Castroites? House No. 3 on C Strasse was our afterhours hangout. So many memories. I live in Palm Springs, so I'm delighted you're all coming here in 2001. Couldn't be better! Tchuss!

Ralph Myers - 08/11/00 10:42:18
My Email:ralphmyers@bigplanet.com
When were you in Lübeck?: Sep 61 -Sep 62
What did you do while off duty?: Dated
Who were your best buddies?: Mike Pfister, John Russell

This is an email address change. Attended the reunion this year in Luebeck and had a fantastic time.

Peter Schwarz - 08/02/00 22:47:25
My URL:http://members.tripod.de/Peter_Schwarz
My Email:petschwarz@gmx.de
When were you in Lübeck?: i out off Lübeck

Hallo Don, war eine schöne Zeit mit Euch in Lübeck ! Reunion 2000 Gruß Peter

Rick Baucom - 06/16/00 01:53:17
My Email:rick111343@aol.com
When were you in Lübeck?: 1964

I was an 059.1 in the 184th. I PCS'd from Devens in Nov 1962. Lt. Col. Mauderly, 319th CO, needed a substitute driver that summer so I volunteered. Man, what neat job that was for 3 months! I drove from Rothwesten to meet him when he flew in on the Sikors y. You guys had a very nice gig up there at Lubeck in comparison to the rest of us at the 184th. I guess we didn't have too bad either. I just found out that Capt. Stallings, a former company commander of mine, was killed in Vietnam. I 'm not gonna complain anymore. God Bless all KIAs, POWs, their families and The United States of America. Rick Baucom, SP/5, 059.1, 184th ASA Opns Co. Nov. 1962 - Nov. 1964

Jim Clinton - 05/03/00 20:20:25
My Email:asa1sg@aol.com
When were you in Lübeck?: No

Was 319th Bn Opns Sgt 1965-66 and Hq Co 1st Sgt 66-67 and visited Lubeck with Major Dirks, the battalion S3. Wish I had been stationed in Lubeck!!

Vernon Smith - 04/25/00 21:35:17
My Email:caffa@pacbell.com

Russian School R-12-81(I think), 1960. I served at Sender Meisner and in Sankt Andreasberg im Harz, 61-62 and knew of some of the fellows up in Lubeck, although I can't recall any names...interesting to learn of your existence.

David L. Chadwick - 04/21/00 19:52:52
My Email:davechad@msn.com
When were you in Lübeck?: late '63 to mid '64
What did you do while off duty?: drank
Who were your best buddies?: a fog settles in...

presently live in So. Cal. and was greatful to receive a couple of phone calls.. Believe it or not, both on the same evening re: Lubeckers and from two different people...!! Great idea.

James Fisher (Jim) - 04/18/00 12:17:33
My Email:jimfisher@pa.net
When were you in Lübeck?: 10/62 5/64
What did you do while off duty?: Spent some time in the city of Lubeck as well as with some friends in Blankensee (Won't swear by the spelling. Also visited Denmark. Helped german student with his english.He and his family became friends of mine. Who were your best buddies?: Many. Some of them were-Dave Huben, Howie Casman , Crawford etc.

Have to agree that I loved the city of Lubeck.

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